I’m so excited – I sold one of my WWI encaustic paintings this weekend called Forward!

My encaustic painting on barn board, entitled Forward.

Forward! Encaustic and paper on barn board. Click on picture to get a closer look.

I’ve been in the midst of an existential funk for the past few months, wondering where all this WWI art and writing are going, struggling with creative blocks and creative meaning, trying to figure out the meaning of my life… Not that selling a painting cures all that, but I had just come to the conclusion that I needed to keep on keeping on with the art and writing that I like. That’s how life and art feel meaningful by following your bliss (as Joseph Campbell used to say). So selling a WWI painting with a title like Forward! seems a bit serendipitous. I’m going to take it as a sign to keep going forward.





4 thoughts on “Forward!

  1. So happy for you! I always like that painting! I love how your images come right out of the barn wood or sometimes march out!

  2. Certainly does seem serendipitous! I am glad you sold the painting, being an artist can sometimes be ( I think ) such a solitary path that having someone connect with your work and can be just the affirmation one needs!

  3. Congratulations! All of your work, from the writing to the sculptures to the paintings to the encaustic pieces like this one – is amazing – diverse, interesting, thought provoking, and original.


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